Fifteen year old Calvin’s best friend Emma is unlike anyone else in the village. She is beautiful and sweet, gentle and compassionate. And every night, she dreams of things that later come true. Her parents have made her swear to keep the visions a secret. Only Calvin knows, because Calvin and Emma are in love. 

After tomorrow, they will never see each other again. Emma is being sent to Convent to be trained for a life she will be assigned, while Calvin must stay behind and accept the life—work, home, and wife—chosen for him. 

Before they part, Calvin vows to Emma that he will only be with her. When his father admits there are communities living free from the Emperor’s Law, Calvin sees a way to keep his promise. Believing in a place where he and Emma can be together, Calvin leaves behind family, village, and fated future to run after her. 

Convent Grey, where Emma is taken and Calvin’s journey leads, has been infiltrated by a group rebelling against the Emperor. Emma’s gift is discovered, and she comes face-to-face with Auhnna, sword-master and second-in-command of these freedom fighters. With their lives entangled in a story much bigger than their own, Calvin and Emma discover that the freedom they longed for may cost more than they are willing to give.  

A YA fantasy, The Runaway, the Warrior, and the Visionary is complete at 95,400 words. The story is told from the perspectives of Calvin, Auhnna, and Emma. 

When Teague’s father dies, she uses teleport technology to escape being sent to the mother that abandoned them. She finds herself stranded on a junk-yard planet with a handful of misfits who also got pulled in with the trash. 

The Heap, young adult science fiction, is in the editing process. It is approximately 70K.

Maximilian, young adult science fiction, is in the editing process. It is approximately 65K.