Nerdy Thursday: The What’s Underneath Project

I stumbled across these videos on YouTube last summer and was utterly moved by the wonderful, uncomfortable vulnerability of each interview, created by literal and figurative nakedness. In a climate that is increasingly dishonest, secretive, and inauthentic when it comes to body image, this project is profoundly counter-cultural. It swings a spotlight onto the harmful messages that bombard people of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and dares to suppose there is another way to see the self.

The most deeply felt effect this project has on me comes from watching a diversity of individuals stripped down to a common core: a desire to be known, loved, and accepted. When I watch these people bravely stepping into vulnerability both emotionally and physically, I see with such clarity the stereotypes that control me and those I use to control others. But I also see the utter strength and beauty of the whole human being.

As stated in their mission video, StyleLikeU is “an attempt to bring fashion back to the heart that it really should be.” Their method is to focus on the Individual and the Authentic.
“We’re showing how style is an art, and it’s an art that everybody should be able to access in themselves. We’re on a crusade to help awaken people to that idea again.”

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