Copy Editing and Tutoring

Do you need a paper or dissertation edited and reviewed for formatting? Are you a freelancer or business owner in need of editing for your website or professional document? A parent looking for additional writing help for your child?

I have experience as a former English teacher, a writing center consultant, a freelance copy editor, and a writing tutor for students in elementary through high school. I am familiar with both MLA and APA formatting.

Please feel free to contact the references below about my work. E-mail me at to find out more about my schedule and rates.

1. Kurt D. Wright, owner of SDG
Website and professional document editing (2014)

2. Jennifer Macy, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum/Instructor at Randolph Community College.
Consultant at RCC writing center (2013-present)

3. Hope Mikat, self-employed lactation consultant and homeschool mother.
Writing tutor for son from middle through high school.

4. Anita McCoy, manager of the City of Greensboro’s Information Technology Department, Public Safety Division.
Proofed APA citations and formatting for dissertation.